Things to do on a Date in Oklahoma City

If you are planning to go on a date in Oklahoma City, you need to figure out things to do while there to avoid getting bored. One of the things that you can do to make your time in this city memorable is visit the eclectic assortment of museums that it has. For example, you will find museums that solely feature skeletons, others that chronicle the Yee-hawers, and so on. Many of these sites look like they have worked with Oklahoma City Lead Generation (their Youtube Channel is here, and an interesting video is below) as they are easy to find on the Internet. Moving from one museum or one part of the city to another will not be difficult because shuttle services are offered to major attractions around the town for the convenience of people that are visiting.

Museums To Visit In Oklahoma City

The following are some of the best museums you should consider visiting when you go on a date in Oklahoma City.

1. Oklahoma City Zoo

This zoo has been in operation for more than a century. It has more than five hundred species of animals that you will enjoy seeing, including some that are endangered or rare. There are also impressive garden displays that you will enjoy seeing at Oklahoma City Zoo. If you have kids and you intend to take them with you on your date in Oklahoma City, you will enjoy a lot of interactive experiences with them, including sea lion shows, giraffe feedings, a stingray touch tank and elephant demonstrations. Exploring the expansive park grounds in this zoo is made easier with train and boat rides. The zoo is open every day from 9 am to 5 pm, and they do not charge a lot of money.

2. Oklahoma City Museum of Art

Another place you want to visit while on a date with your loved one in Oklahoma City is the museum of art. The core art collection at this gallery focuses on American and European art of the 19th and 20th century. But there is so much more that you will see when you visit it, including original selections from the museum’s collections. There is also a theater in the museum that shows a variety of independent, foreign, as well as classic films every week. You will not need to bother about carrying your food because there is a restaurant on the museum’s premises.

3. Museum of Osteology

You should also make a point of visiting the museum of osteology when you are on a date in Oklahoma City. It is a unique sightseeing attraction that you will not regret visiting at all. It features displays of bones of hundreds of animals. The specimens that are included in the museum span small critters to large mammals, kangaroos to apes and penguins to snakes. It is a fresh and well-maintained place that will be worth your time. However, if you are going on a date with kids, it may not be a nice spot to visit in Oklahoma City because the kids will get bored quickly.

4. National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum

This museum is also referred to as the National Cowboy Hall of Fame. It is a vast museum that features large collections of historical pictures, materials, and sculptures that you want to see. The collections in this museum mainly focus on preserving as well as interpreting the American West’s heritage. During the Prix de West Invitational Art Exhibition and Sale in June every year, it becomes an art gallery. It has three halls of fame.

5. Oklahoma History Center

One of the things that you are going to love about this museum is the lovely views that it provides. When you are in its art galleries, you will have a clear view of the domed capital building. It is a hub for both archival and research materials that relate to the wide-reaching history of the state. It oversees a total of thirty-five museums, military sites and heritage homes throughout the state. It is a nice place to visit with kids because there is so much that they can learn there.

So there you have it: a collection of beautiful places that you can visit when you are on a date in Oklahoma City. These are just but a few of the fantastic places that you can visit in OKC. There are so many others that will not disappoint, including the 45th Infantry Division Museum, Myriad Botanical Gardens, Oklahoma City National Memorial, Overholser Mansion just to mention a few.

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